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Dragon tree (Dracaena) leaves for soreness?

Author: B. C. WolvertonPublished: 1997-04-01
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Dragon tree (Dracaena) leaves for soreness?

Postby robert » Wed Apr 13, 2016 3:15 pm

I saw a Kratt Brothers cartoon recently where they watched a mother ape (or orangutan, I can't remember) chew up Draceana leaves and rub the resulting paste on her child's sore muscles. I know the show is based on some science so I googled it and found that one of my plants (similar to a "Dragon Tree" which is profiled on page 72 of this book) is a type of Draceana.

Has anyone tried chewing up the leaves of a houseplant Draceana to rub a paste on sore muscles? I'm curious to find out if that really helps. :)

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